La Villa de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Reinosa

from the Frank Cushman Pierce (FCP) collection available with permission at select repositories

Presented by Mario Dávila and Arcadio Dávila, Jr.

The transcribed records are the culmination of many months work and tedious review. The interested 
user/reader will find many valuable genealogical gems not otherwise available. 

Still, it is necessary to note that many records contain errors of the following kind:

Original record of the church contained error(s)
Original transcription conducted for/by FCP contained error(s)
Digital re-transcription contains new error(s)

Therefore, it is necessary to review each record and attempt additional research to bring about the 
best validity.

That said, this presentation helps usher in a new era in digital publishing. Many physical books full 
of name lists are not relevant to personal genealogical research. You will find that this digital 
offering gives you the names you want for the purposes you seek. The modern browsers will let 
you print to a file, bookmark a page, or physically print to a paper.

This is extremely powerful, useful, and efficient. Name and date groupings and other meta-data can 
be analyzed like never before. Your ancestor can be isolated or grouped to study patterns and 
historical events.

This initial presentation offers a valuable alternative to SHELF-FILLING, SUBSCRIPTIONS, TRAVEL, 

Many more Reynosa records and their associated images have been archived and preserved for 
future presentation. In addition you will see offerings touching all or most of the pertinent areas 
for Nuevo Santander and "La Cordillera del Norte" through a suite of services.

Check back often and please enjoy your name searching and finding your roots.

April 18, 2017
To be continued.... 

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